What To Look For In A Family Let

If you are a parent or guardian to little ones, then chances are last week will have been a busy one for you with the school’s closing for spring half term! Evidently, the children will be in the house a lot more with not having school to attend and therefore you will notice, probably now more than ever, if your rental property is offering enough sustainability for everyone to be under the same roof. Today we thought we would put together a guide of our top tips to look out for when looking for a Family Let with young ones around…


What To Consider


How Many Bedrooms Does The Let Occupy?


One thing that should at the top of your checklist is definitely how many bedrooms the Family Let that you are going to view occupies. It is the ideal situation to have a bedroom per child, however we understand that this is not always the case depending on each individual’s circumstances and financial considerations. At Taylored Lets, we advise that if you are looking into a two bedroom Let, with the intention of children sharing a room, to make sure that you consider the size of the room and that there will be enough space for all of their belongings.


Does It Have A Garden?


Another good point that may be of concern to you is whether the house has a garden, especially if it is little children that you are renting your home with. Not only do children like to be outside to play, but it is also a great pass time for them especially while school is closed! So maybe consider whether your property potentials have a garden or yard for the family to enjoy.


Morning Commute


A great thing to consider when choosing the correct rental property for your family is to think carefully about your morning commute. For you, as the parent or guardian, you want to make sure that your home is a reasonable commute for you to get to work in the morning, and of course whether it is a reasonable commute to get your children to school on time, or even better if it means that they could possibly walk to school.


What Are The Schools Nearby?


When looking for a new property to rent, whether you are at the point of starting a family, or your children will be due to begin school, it is essential to have a good look around the area on what facilities are available and of course what school options are nearby.


Transport Links


Transport links are an important factor to take into consideration when deciding on an area to rent a property in. If you drive, then you want to make sure that you have easy access to the roads surrounding, easy access onto a key motorway, as well as a place to park your car. Additionally, if you don’t drive - key routes and facilities you will want to think about are metro links, train routes and bus links.

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