Make the Most of Freshers Week in Newcastle

It’s coming up to that time of year again… New students will flock the toon and head to the biggest student club nights of the week! If you’re coming to Newcastle to embark on the next three years of your student life then make sure you know everything you need to know about freshers week. We have listed some handy things to know down below…

Explore your new city

During freshers, it is a great time to go exploring with your new flatmates! This will most likely be the first full week you spend with your new friends and it is a great time to start meeting even more new people. It’s always worth getting yourself familiarised with your new surroundings and while having a wander around the city centre you will find so many great shops, cafes and restaurants. Once you’re all clued up on the city centre, you could venture further afield and head to the coast on the metro or just to Jesmond - which is also a great student scene! 

Stay safe

Moving away from home into a student property in Newcastle (a brand new city) can seem daunting. Newcastle is a great place with so many friendly people! It is, however, important to stay safe during your time away from home, make sure you stay with your reliable friends and look out for each other. 

Freshers wristband

Most universities offer a fresher wristband which you can purchase in advance of freshers week. The wristband is great value for money and normally means you get discounted or even free entry into the uni events. These events are great for meeting new people, if you’re heading to a new city for the first time then we highly recommend to head out for freshers week!

Freshers fair

As well as a freshers wristband, your uni will most likely host a freshers fair. This is where you can sign up to all sorts of extra curriculum activities and clubs - don’t be afraid to try something new in your first term at university. 

Go to lectures

It may seem tempting to not go to lectures during freshers week as you want to continue having fun and put off the uni work for as long as possible but it is so important to not fall behind before you’ve even started! Attend every lecture possible, you will always feel better for going to a lecture after you've done it! 

Enjoy yourself

Make the most of your week and try as many new things as you can! Remember this is a great time to blow off some steam before the hard work starts. The university experience can go by so quickly so cherish every moment and enjoy yourself. 

Student properties in Newcastle

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