Professional House Shares - The What, Why and How?

Have you recently landed your dream job, but find that the morning commute may cause a bit of an issue? Have you ever considered moving out into a Professional House Share? Worry no more, here at Taylored Lets we have a variety of Professional House Shares that are perfect for accommodating your new career step! 

What Is A Professional House Share?

A professional house share is a property that has multiple rooms available to let to professionals of all ages looking for either long-term or short term temporary residency. All of our House Share properties are fully furnished with inclusive utility bills here at Taylored Lets

Why Are Professional House Shares A Good Idea?

Living in a Professional House Share comes with many positives that can benefit your financial situation, your living conditions and social life. 

Shared Costs

Possibly the most obvious reason why a Professional House Share is a good idea is down to the fact that you will be sharing the overall overhead costs for the property. We all know that utility bills can weigh heavy on your monthly pay packet, therefore sharing a Professional House Share is a great way of sharing out the costs fairly and equally to lighten the load. Depending on the circumstances of your Professional House Share you could also share out the weekly grocery shop too, and any minor maintenance top-ups, between each tenant living under the one roof. 

You Always Have Company

Another great benefit of living in a Professional House Share is that your social life can massively benefit from it, as you are ensured to always have company as opposed to living on your own. It is also a great way of getting to know new people out of your usual friendship circle, and whether it is watching your favourite television programme or cooking up a special meal, you always have someone to talk to!

Shared Housework Duties

If you are the type of person who struggles to keep on top of constant cleaning, tidying up and general chore duties, then perhaps you will find a Professional House Share incredibly easier for yourself. A problem shared is a problem halved. Living in a house share means that the housework can be equally shared out between each tenant, whether it be just a vocal agreement between everyone or a formal rota to outline each duty, day and person who is to carry it out. 

How Do I Go About Finding A Professional House Share?

Before you settle on a Professional House Share, you should always outline the main priorities for yourself that you need to consider. At the end of the day, a house share is great for the above benefits, however when it comes to a Professional House Share, the property and group of tenants that you will be sharing with need to compliment your lifestyle and career circumstances in order for it to work well and benefit you as it should. Before you sign for a Professional House Share, perhaps you may want to consider:

Who You Want To Share With?

It goes without saying that when you are looking for the perfect people to share your rental with, that you choose those who live a similar lifestyle to yourself. This could be that they work in the same industry as you so they fully understand what you do, or that they work the same hours as yourself, meaning they will have respect for you late at night or early in the morning. You will find that the more concise you are with the scope of people that you would be willing to share with will only benefit your lifestyle. 

The Distance To Work

Another main thing to take into consideration is how far you want to live from work. The whole point of moving into a Professional House Share is so that your life is made easier with a shorter and better commute to work in the morning, so choosing on an area that still requires a lot of travelling defeats the whole purpose of the aim. Vet out the local areas to your new workplace to see which area looks best for you before you look for particular properties. 

What Is Nearby?

You also may want to think about what particular amenities you would want from a prospect living area. Do you want a shopping centre to be close by? Are you particularly keen on having a vibrant nightlife scene nearby? Or do you want a leisure building or gym to be near your home? 


Find Your Perfect Professional House Share With Taylored Lets

We have a vast range of Professional House Shares around Newcastle upon Tyne here at Taylored Lets, that are available fully furnished and inclusive of utility bills. Take a closer look at our property range over on our website, and if something has caught your eye and you would like to book a viewing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Give us a call today on 0191 447 1718 or email us at