Top 6 Reasons To Live In Newcastle

It is not up for debate that Newcastle Upon Tyne is one of the best places to live in the UK. For many, many reasons (which we will delve into in today’s blog) it is a place that once you arrive, you know you are here. A familiar broad accent, historic architecture and good old Northern staples in tow, let’s take a look into why Newcastle is one of the best places to live! 

Top 6 Reasons To Live In Newcastle


Accessible - 


Newcastle is actually said to be the smallest big city in the world! 

It is SO accessible with multiple transport links, whether that be by car, bus, train or boat, that getting around is never a difficulty. 

Perfect Mixture Of City And Countryside -


To live in Newcastle, is to live in the capital of the North East of England. This means it has a bustling city to explore, shop in, eat in and live among. You are also lucky enough to be only a short drive out to some of the most breathtaking countryside views that the North East has to offer! For example, if you venture just 20 minutes to half an hour out of the city centre, you will end up along Northumberland, which is home to a vast majority of countryside villages, moors, fields and parks. So if you were to look for a quiet retreat escape, Newcastle is most certainly a town that can offer both! 

Rich In History - Architecturally and Culturally - 


Newcastle is a passionate city and PROUD!


Not only is it iconic for the beautiful architecture that it holds, for example, the Tyne Bridge, Millenium Bridge, Swing Bridge, Central Station, Grey Street and so on, but it is also rich in historic culture. Many famous people actually came from the toon, from musicians, to television presents, footballing heroes and many more. Take a look


The city is also famous for giving many ‘firsts’ to the rest of the world. For example:


  • Greggs the bakers first opened in Gosforth in 1951. 

  • Newcastle Brown Ale. 

  • The world’s first tilting bridge with our Millenium Bridge. 

  • The first inter-city railway line was built by Geordie, George Stephenson. 


To name just a few. 

Friendly Locals - 


It is often said that in comparison to living down south, Newcastle is one of the most friendliest cities in the UK! Our distinctive Geordie accents with our very own ‘slang’ language make for a welcoming and relatable city, among the smiling faces of polite locals saying hello as they pass you on the street. 


You can be guaranteed help if you stop someone on their journey to ask for directions, and if you are in your local pub you can be sure to find someone to strike up a conversation with! 

House Price Value - 


The average price for property in the region was reported to be at £216,918 in November this year. Although the property market fluctuates often, compared to living and buying down south, Newcastle is notoriously cheaper, offering more value for money!

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