What To Consider For A Professional Let

Have you recently relocated to Newcastle for a new job? If the answer is yes, then you need a Professional Let that will ensure that you are in the perfect location possible to support your career and with that comes multiple factors to consider which we are going to discuss today and tell you why letting a professional property with Taylored Lets is the right choice for you!

What Should I Be Considering?

The Commute


First things first, when looking for a property to rent one of the first things that you should consider is how far the distance is for your morning and evening commute to your work premises. Ideally you want to be able to get to work in a short distance time, perhaps under an hour during rush hour?

Transport Links


Tying in nicely with the previous point, whether you drive or not, living in a location with good transport links is always beneficial. If you are not able to drive yourself, make sure to check if the area you are viewing a property in has easily accessible bus routes, train lines, metro routes and is accessible to taxi services before signing anything on paper. And if you do drive, also make sure to be aware of the multiple routes that you can use to get to and from work and any of your potential local amenities with ease.

Does More Than One Bathroom Matter?


This may sound like a less important factor to consider when house hunting, however if you are on the market for a professional let, and perhaps you are wanting to share or in the future looking to share with a housemate / flatmate, then one thing you need to consider is whether factors like more than one bathroom matters to you! If you do end up sharing a property, then sharing a bathroom can be tricky if you have similar routines for example if you both need to leave for work at the same time, therefore tailor your viewings towards your specifications.

Potential Shares


Speaking of the potential of sharing your Professional Let with others - an important factor to consider is choosing your flatmates or house share partners very carefully. You ideally want to share your living space with people who you get on really well with, for example sharing the same or similar interests, personal hygiene, levels of tidiness and how they deal with and take on any given responsibility. You also may want to consider the lifestyle of your potential house share - for example if you both work the same or similar hours then you will both have respect for each other having to get enough sleep at night and waking up early in the morning, as opposed to sharing with someone with a totally conflicting daily routine as you.

Local amenities


And last but not least on our list of careful considerations ahead of settling on a Professional Let, is what is available around you. For example, if you work the hours of 9AM-5PM weekdays, it would be beneficial to live in a rather built up area with local coffee shops, supermarkets, bars, restaurants and entertainment facilities that are easy for you to get to and open to use whenever you may need.

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Whether you are looking for a Professional Let in Newcastle city centre or around the coastal area, we have a range of properties across the North East region offering different options depending on what you are specifically searching for. All of our Professional Lets are maintained to the highest possible standards, ensuring that you enjoy living there and get the most out of your monthly payments. If you are new to the area, our friendly team are always on hand to assist where possible! Simply give us a call today on 0191 447 1718 and with our expert knowledge we can source which of our Professional Let properties would be perfect for your checklist of considerations, advise you on what we think you would like and to ensure that overall, it is a stress-free and enjoyable property hunt.