Taylored Lets FAQs

Here at Taylored Lets we often get questions from our clients with regards to the process of renting a house share, student property or family let. We have put together a list of our top questions in this easy to understand document to help you get the most out of our services.

House Shares - FAQs

When looking to rent a house share there are many important factors you need to know and take into consideration.

What is a house share?

A house share (or flatshare) is when two or more people live in a property together, they will have their own bedroom but share certain rooms such as the living room and kitchen, and in some cases the bathroom. 

Can you house share at 17?

If you’re under 18 it is unlikely that you will be able to sign a tenancy agreement. However, if you are 16/ 17 and defined as homeless, you will be provided with accommodation from Children Services.

Who will I be sharing with?

It is important to note that although you will be living with people you may have never met before here at Taylored Lets we always vet our tenants and make sure you’re in the best suited property with safe people. You will occassionally meet some of the people you will potentially be living with when you view your property and your letting agent should give you some backgorund in the type of people currently in the houseshare.

Student Lettings FAQs

Finding student accommodation should be an exciting time in your life! In most cases, you’re moving out of home for the first time and living with your fellow students for a great few years at university - we have answered some common questions to put your mind at ease... 

Student lettings in Newcastle - what do you have to offer?

Here at Taylored Lets, we have a wide range of student flats, homes and apartments available to rent and all in great locations! If you’re looking for student accommodation in Jesmond (which is a key location for students who are new to the area) then take a look at our available properties on our website.

Can you live in student accommodation without being a student?

There are ways around securing a place in student accommodation without actually being a full-time student - however, this is something we do not accept at Taylored Lets. If this is something you are considering, there could be many repercussions you would face!

How much do you pay for student accommodation?

This question all depends on the type of property and location of the student housing you are looking for. We have a range of student homes available in locations such as Heaton, Jesmond, Sandyford and the City Centre - depending on how many people you choose to live with this could alter the price. 

Do I have to pay council tax if I'm a student?

The simple answer is no! A property is exempt from council tax if it is wholly occupied by full-time university or college students. If your property is not exempt, for example, if you are still living at home then this means that  the council tax is calculated as if you do not live there. This may mean that whoever is liable to pay the council tax can get a discount.

Family Lets FAQs

How do I know what fees are involved?

Your letting agent will go through the standard process of letting a property, this will include outlining the type of fees you’re likely to come across. If you are still unsure you can always ask the agent you are dealing with.

What will the neighbours be like?

It is always important to consider the surrounding area when renting a property, especially if you have a family. Doing your research is one of the main steps to finding the perfect home for you and your family. Take into consideration what the schools are like and what amenities are available - remember the staff at Taylored Let's are always more than happy to help! 

Letting Agency - FAQs 

I need to find a place to rent. What do I do first?

The best first step when looking for a rental property is to make a note of your budget, bear in mind the maximum you are willing to pay and try not to differ from this. This will make it easier when looking for properties as you can use the search tool to refine your search results and always be looking at properties within your budget.

Why do I need to be referenced?

Letting agents need to be sure that the tenants they are dealing with will look after the property and also be able to pay their rent on time.

What if there are problems with my reference?

Issues regarding a reference do not always mean that the let cannot go ahead. If you think any issues may arise when requesting your references, it is always best to be honest from the outset. This enables the letting agent to work with you to find a solution where possible.

What is a guarantor?

Tenants can ask a guarantor to support them, this does not mean that they will be paying the rent every month for the tenant. It actually means that the guarantor will be asked to pay the rent arrears if the tenant does not pay.