How To Give Your Rented Home A ‘Luxury’ Feeling On A Budget

What does luxury mean to you? 


Luxury - A quiet contentment that comes from living well and taking pleasure from one’s surroundings. 


You may think that to achieve the ultimate luxury in your home that you need to spend a fortune on furniture and interior accessories. Well think again - you can actually achieve the luxury feel for your home on a budget, and we’re going to help you today with our easy to follow tips and tricks… 

Luxury On A Budget

Create Stations & DIY Your Bookshelf Aesthetics 


Do you tend to hoard old magazines and books? To give your home an easy luxury look, create stations to give them a real home and look tidy, as opposed to looking messy and out of place. Not only does this tidy your pad up but when you invite friends round it also looks inviting for them to pick up a magazine and have a read, as opposed to being left on a coffee table. Are your kitchen cupboards beginning to feel hoarded too? You can also create a drinks station with a mini-bar! Choose your prettiest bottles, glasses and flutes to display to guests and it can turn your hallway or living room from zero to hero in five minutes! 


Top Tip: You can pick up aesthetically pleasing baskets and magazine racks for just a few pounds in bargain stores such as Home Bargains and IKEA! And why not get creative with your bookshelves? For the books that you have read and just like to keep - simply paint the covers and spine with a colour that fits into your colour palette to give them a uniform look when stacked upon the shelves. 

Choose Your Colour Scheme Carefully!

When it comes to renting, you may or may not be able to paint your walls - every landlord is different! So a super simple way of achieving luxury in your interiors is picking a colour palette and sticking to it! Choosing tones such as gold, silver, navy blue, emerald green and berry purple are all fantastic hues for an ‘expensive’ look. Incorporate this into your bedding, furniture such as bedside tables, lamps, vases and so on. 


Top Tip: Having a blank canvas such as all white walls can sometimes benefit you having fun with your colour palette, giving you the freedom to change your colours more often, without having the messy painting jobs! 

Hang Your TV On Your Wall


A super simple watch of giving your home that luxury touch can be achieved by just hanging your television on the wall. Now, it is always recommended to check with your landlord first before you do this - but if you get the greenlight, you will soon understand what difference it can make - and save up storage space! 

All About The Scent! 


What is the first thing you notice when you walk into an expensive shop? The smell! Candles are usually not allowed in rented properties however you can still achieve beautiful aroma’s with diffusers and room sprays! Scents that exude vanilla hues and pomegranate notes are particular favourites! 


Top Tip! Also don’t forget to empty your bins regularly to control household waste odours, bleach your worktops, spray your bedding and curtains / blinds with Febreeze and wash your sofa cushions on the regular to keep on top of things! 

Give Your Door Knobs A New Look


Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make the most impact! And one thing that we always forget about when it comes to decorating is our door knobs! A simple switch up of handles can make all the difference and give your home a completely new vibe! 


Top Tip! Clear crystal door knobs are a great subtle switch! 



Whether they be real or faux - flowers are brilliant for giving your home a luxury, lived-in touch! Choose a beautiful vase, and opt for a flower such as Hydrangeas, Juliet Roses or Orchids for an expensive look! 


Top Tip! If you do opt for the faux option - be sure to give them a light dusting every week to ensure they don’t get dusty or dirty! 


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