The Apps Every Renter Needs

Whether you are looking in the market for a new property to rent or you have been renting the home you are in for a while now, a little inspiration every now and then would never go a miss! And with the world being so technology driven these days, some of the best places to find the best tips and tricks is through mobile apps. We have rounded up a selection of apps that are great for professional lets, student lets and family lets

Be ‘Appy


If you are looking for simple tips and tricks for around your home, such as cleaning tips like ‘10 Ways To Use Citrus At Home’, ‘Conserve Water Like A Pro’, ‘Inspect For Mold’ and many more, then BrightNest is a fantastic free app available for iPhone and Android that delivers simple guides and interesting inventions for making your life simpler and brighter one step at a time! 


‘Because Your Going Places’ is the catchy tagline for this handy app, and that is exactly what it offers. If you are looking for somewhere new to visit for dinner this evening, or you want a quirky bar to meet your friends in after work, or even a fun activity centre for the family to enjoy at the weekend - the app helps you to pin down what is around you giving you the name, address, mile radius and recommendations on whether to book or if not needed, so that you’re good to go in just a couple of clicks! 


Are you the type of person who likes to write down their daily tasks for the day and stay on track with your own progress? Or do you like to have regular reminders set on tasks such as the simplest of ‘buy milk’? Then you need to download Wunderlist! It’s your free, organised planner straight at your fingertips.


If you pay for a lot of transactions on your card as opposed to cash, then you may like to know about Starling Bank. Simply download and apply for a Starling current account, where you will receive your card and start your account. You can then download the free app which ultimately works hand in hand to help you ‘take control of your money’. You can receive payment notifications in real time, track where your money is spent down to specific merchants, set budget allowances for certain outlets, and set up payment and transfers. This is a great platform for renters who need to keep an eye on what they spend and budget their income in order to pay bills on time. 


Houzz is a free platform where you can ‘create the home you’ve always wanted’. Simply download to join a community of interior lovers like yourself, discover design ideas from a gallery of images filtered to your personal taste, connect with local industry professionals who can offer their assistance to your project and shop from Houzz’s curated collection. 


Lastly, if you are one to gather images and enjoy making themed mood boards of images, text, colours and textures then why not download the free app, Pinterest? It is simply a virtual mood board where you can create various boards on your account for different topics or themes and pin inspiration until your heart's content! 

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