Choosing Your Perfect Student Accommodation

If studying away from home has always been what you have envisioned for yourself and you are preparing to fly the family nest for University then it’s time to think carefully about the type of place that you want to rent. It’s not a situation to be passed off lightly, we are talking about the next three years (minimum) of your life here… it has to be a place that you feel safe and secure, happy, and most importantly - that will be right for supporting your studies - the whole reason you are there in the first place. We have gathered a handful of helpful tips to take into consideration for how to nail finding your perfect Student home with Taylored Lets.

What to consider

The location


Moving away from home for University can sometimes be the perfect way to test the waters of living in a different city or country if that’s what is on your horizon. You get to explore a new place with freedom and independence before you settle down. However, sometimes it can be worth not being too hasty and moving miles away to prove your point. It’s natural to miss your family, friends, pets and home comforts and if you don’t feel one hundred percent ready to make a huge leap - then listen to your gut. Moving to a new place with an entirely different culture can be daunting, and if you don’t have your trusty support system around you it might be harder for you to adjust. Make sure that you consider your location of your student let carefully and realistically. For example; can you travel back home easily if you get a few days off? Do you feel safe and comfortable in the area? How far is your commute to campus? Do you enjoy being in the particular area? Living somewhere that you LIKE and feel inspired by will do wonders for making your time studying a whole lot more enjoyable.



Another main concept to consider is the topic of housemates. Renting alone can be very costly not to mention a lot of pressure and responsibility for one young person, especially for your first time living permanently away from the family home. You need to think about what type of housemates you would like to reside with and how many housemates you would like to share with. If the nightlife is not what excites you, then perhaps consider trying to find housemates with similar interests as you and a property in a quieter area aside to a bustling city centre.

Maintenance Support


A good condition to check out when choosing your rental accommodation throughout your studies is to vet out the property, check that the necessities are in tip top working condition, it has a good proven track record, and not to forget - that if any problems were to occur then you can receive good, trusty support and advice from your landlord.

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